Summer Weight Loss Camps

Camp Shining Stars
Barton College:
Wilson, North Carolina
phone: 1-(919) 949-7415

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The Summer Weight Loss Camp will help children lose weight, raise their self esteem, and learn the tools and habits necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle and reduce their risks for developing chronic diseases later in life. Ira Green's long experiences in running summer camps and programs for overweight youth will ensure children have great results while having fun.

Activities: Basketball, water polo, golf lessons, floor hockey, abs class, tennis, team handball, self defense, aerobics, yoga, weight training, hip hop, dance dance revolution, art class, cooking class, dodge ball, soccer, and evening activities such as talent shows, dances, casino night, improv and much more.

Length of program: 3 - 6 weeks
Approx. Cost: from $3250

Follow-up Program: award winning camp manual
Age Eligibility:12-17

Camp Pennbrook
Pennington School: 112 W Delaware Ave
Pennington, NJ 08534
phone: (800) 442-PENN

canoeing Camp Pennbrook is more than a weight loss camp or diet camp. We are full of fun and fitness. We are better than a coed weight loss camp since the girls feel more comfortable and don't have to worry about what they are wearing everyday. Camp Pennbrook is not a boot camp or a fat camp, our staff is very supportive. Our special off campus trips are amazing! (Concerts, Broadway Shows and amusement parks)

Activities: rollerblading, scavenger hunts, trivia, skits, bowling, ice skating,Tennis, Basketball, Floor Hockey, Softball, Soccer, Archery, Volleyball, Track, aerobics, kickboxing, hip hop, pilates, zumba classes, Cheerleading, Water Aerobics, Pool Parties, Aquatread, Hikes to Outdoor Pool and more.

Length of program: 2 - 7 weeks
Approx. Cost: from $1950

Follow-up Program: monthly follow-up phone calls and numerous reunions and organized events; recipe booklet & nutrition staff on-call.
Age Eligibility: teen girls: 13-17

Camp LaJolla
University of California
LaJolla, CA
phone: 800-825-TRIM(8746)

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At Camp La Jolla, we don’t believe in diets—we believe in long term weight loss success through a healthy lifestyle. We are committed to providing the best staff, facilities and environment for you to successfully achieve safe weight loss through a program that will change your life. While at Camp La Jolla, you will be empowered to make life-changing habits and positive behavior changes that will lead you to your full potential.

Activities: hip hop aerobics, firm & tone, yoga, racquetball, surfing, step, boogie boarding, kickboxing, volleyball, basketball, swimming, mountain biking, playing street hockey, soccer, football, snorkeling, skateboarding, trips to Disney, and more.

Length of program: 2 - 8 weeks
Approx. Cost: from $4295

Follow-up Program: 2 year follow up program: informative newsletters, personalized DVD’s, motivational emails,and delicious menus.
Age Eligibility: teen program = 13 - 18

Camp Endeavor
Camp Chi
Lake Delton, WI 53913
phone: 608-448-9752

Embedded in this classic summer camp happening are the education and specially- designed fitness activities which together with healthy eating will empower youth to successfully transition from initial weight change to long term weight management!

Activities: swimming, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, paddleboating, arts & crafts, tennis, volleyball, badminton, basketball, kickball, ultimate frisbee, and evening activities such as dances, talent shows, and more.

Length of program: 2 - 4 weeks
Approx. Cost: from $1945

Follow-up Program: Ongoing support through newsletters, Camp Endeavor Blog and email correspondence
Age Eligibility: 9 - 17

Camp Kingsmont
Emily Dickinson Hall / 893 West Street
Amherst, MA 01002
phone: 877-FIT-CAMP

singing, boy singing Self confidence at Camp Kingsmont flourishes in our campers not only as the result of weight loss but also from the development of sports skills, the enhancement of self image and self expression, from the many new friends and from participation in our leadership activities.

Activities: street hockey, baseball, kickball, volleyball, football, archery, swimming, rugby, tennis, strength training, go-carting, paintball, archery, nutrition and cooking classes. Evenings provide ‘themed’ activities from weekly dances to talent shows, game shows, pool parties, rec/pool nights, movies, scavenger hunts.

Length of program: 4 - 8 weeks
Approx. Cost: from $4595

Follow-up Program: After Care Program
Age Eligibility: 9 - 18

Wellspring Camps
phone: (866) 364.0808

Wellspring Camps are the leading fitness and weight loss camps. With 14 programs this summer, Wellspring has a camp near you. Get in shape, have fun, make new friends, lose a ton of weight, AND keep the weight off long-term.Unlike fat camps or weight loss spas,Wellspring has a scientific approach to diet and activity management that helps campers change behaviors in order to adopt a new, healthy lifestyle. Campers lose an average of 4 lbs. per week. Best of all, 70% of Wellspring campers maintain or continue losing weight at home.

Activities: kickboxing, core strength, water sports, 5K club, softball, power walking, tennis, dance, yoga, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, soccer, hiking, swimming, orienteering, beach sports, ropes course, surfing (activities vary by location)

Length of program: 4 - 8 weeks (1 week family program available)
Approx. Cost: 4 weeks @ $6,490

Follow-up Program: year-round Continuing Care Program with online tools and social components with other campers and Wellspring Behavioral Coaches
Age Eligibility: up to age 24

Camp Shane
302 Harris Road
Ferndale, NY 12734
phone: 914-271-4141

Camp Shane summer weight loss camp features nutrition education, weight loss tips, dieting information, fitness programs, exercise, weight loss, self-esteem building, exciting activities, great fun and friendships. Camp Shane is the oldest of the weight loss camps. It's a summer weight loss camp where overweight children and teens are happy to be. Although our ultimate goal is for all our campers to lose weight and body fat, Camp Shane is not a fat camp, Boot Camp or a teen diet camp. Our focus is the long term, safe, sustainable weight loss for teens, kids and young adults.

Activities: Basketball, tennis, softball, roller blading, lacrosse, soccer, paintball, performing arts, go-karting, scuba, rocketry, ropes courses, hiking, horseback riding, water slides, swimming, canoeing, camping, mountain biking, and more.

Length of program: 3-9 weeks
Approx. Cost: from $3400

Follow-up Program: On-Line Nutrition Consulting, nutritionists network, newsletters, email tips, and financial assistance toward weight-loss programs
Age Eligibility: up to 17

go-karting, go-carts

New Image Camps: Camp Vanguard & Camp Pocono Trails
P.O. Box 417
Norwood, NJ 07648
phone: 1-800-365-0556

An experienced summer camp where we have a tremendous amount of fun. Your child will learn good nutritional habits while gaining the strength and self esteem to make good lifestyle decisions. Our superb staff will help your child develop a positive self-image, lose weight, gain confidence, get challenged, and make life-long friendships.

Activities: Water skiing, jet skiing, knee boarding, kayaking, row boating, tennis, volleyball, golf, soccer, softball, aerobics, dance, self-defense, weight training, drama, talent shows, arts & crafts, ping-pong, video games, and more!

Length of program: 2-6 weeks
Approx. Cost: from $2,850

Follow-up Program: Strive Program

Camp Jump Start
3602 Lions Den Road
Imperial, MO 63052
phone: (636) 287-5004

Camp Jump Start is the FIRST health professional owned and operated weight loss camp in the nation. It is a FUN weight loss camp, where we provide a safe environment along with quality programming to develop campers’ knowledge and abilities to better pursue a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. We promote self-discipline and foster a positive self-image in aiding the camper in his or her development as a healthy responsible and caring person.

Activities: aerobics, Strength training/weight training, video games, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, mountain biking, canoeing in lake ON-SITE!, talent shows and the drama program, campinng, horseback riding, low ropes challenge course, rock wall climbing, and more!

Length of program: 4 - 8 weeks
Approx. Cost: $3,695

Follow-up Program: inc. membership fee to the Living Well Village
Age Eligibility:up to 17