Boot Camp for Troubled Teens

Behavioral and Therapeutic Programs

New Hope Wilderness Camp
Rt. 1 Box 416
Ava, Missouri 65608
phone: 417-683-9793

New Hope Wilderness Camp is designed to help young men and women build character, acquire self-discipline, develop stamina, increase accountability, and to learn appreciation of others. We use horses as the main activity to work with the youth. The first 2 weeks is all done with ground work with the horses, which also facilitates therapy as well as hard work. The month long camps are available all year on our beautiful 209 acres of Ozark Mountains.

Length of program: 4 weeks
Approx. Cost: $7,000

MidCourse Correction Camp
7015 Fieldcrest
Brighton, MI 48116-8547
phone: 810-227-0243

If you are searching for help with your adolescent child, you have come to the right place. We focus on providing youth ages 11 to 17 with a preventative wake up call via a very challenging 46 hour camping experience. Through the program your child will awaken to the realities of life and learn how to adjust and cope with those realities. They will learn: a) Life is made up of choices b) You are the culmination of your choices and c) Even in the best of circumstances life is still difficult.

Length of program: 46 hours
Approx. Cost: $425
Age Eligibility: 11 to 17

Arivaca Boys Ranch
Arivaca, AZ
phone: 877-886-9766

Arivaca Boys Ranch is a therapeutic boys boarding school and teen boys ranch located in Arivaca, AZ providing an alternative to boot camps for teens, residential treatment centers, boys' boarding schools, and boys' military schools.

Length of program: 90 days
Age Eligibility: 13 - 17

Turnabout at Stillwater Academy
11175 South Redwood Rd
South Jordan, Utah 84095
phone: 1-866-359-4600

Turnabout helps teens learn to take responsibility for their choices and develop a positive self concept, enabling them to learn to hope, dream, and work toward a happy, meaningful, and successful life.

Age Eligibility: 12 to 17

Mountain Homes Youth Ranch
247 South Vernal Ave.
Vernal, Utah 84078
phone: 866-781-2450

Mountain Homes Youth Ranch is a therapeutic growth program for troubled teens (coed ages 12-17). On our 15,000 acre private Ranch in Colorado struggling teens are given opportunity for emotional and physical challenge. Our supportive and non-judgmental environment leads our students to view their abilities in a different perspective. Students experience success that challenges negative belief systems.

Length of program: 84-105 days
Approx. Cost: $345.00 per day (discount available)
Age Eligibility: 12-18+

Silverado Academy
3800 South U.S. Highway 89
Panguitch, Utah 84759
phone: 435-690-9380

The primary focus at Silverado is to help students learn to take responsibility for their behavior; gain new insight, improve their communication skills, and contribute positively to their families and to society. The academy provides quality care, high level academics, and unmatched recreational opportunities at a reasonable price.

Length of program: 9 to 12 months
Age Eligibility: 13-18

Diamond Ranch Academy
1500 East 2700 South
Hurricane, Utah 84737
phone: 1-877-372-3200

Diamond Ranch Academy is a premier Youth Residential Treatment Center for troubled teens. We are dedicated to helping troubled teens and their families make lasting, life-long changes in a safe, controlled and loving environment. A core belief of Diamond Ranch Academy is that struggling teens have simply reversed many of life’s principles of successful living by accepting society’s trend to justify and minimize personal behavior. To counter this trend, we believe personal accountability and responsibility are vital principles for a foundation of successful living. It is out of this belief that an incredibly simple and effective program was created.

Length of program: school year
Age Eligibility: 12-18

The Family Foundation School
431 Chapel Hill Road
Hancock, NY 13783
phone: (845) 887-5213

The Family Foundation School is a private, therapeutic boarding school for teens at risk. We are accredited by The Joint Commission, and offer a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum that is registered by New York State Board of Regents and accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. A desire to help teens unites our staff and, regardless of position, every staff member is directly involved with students during part of the work week. Many of our staff members are in recovery and regularly share their experience, strength and hope with the students.

Length of program: 18 month min.

Teen Challenge
PO Box 20
Morrow, AR 72749
phone: (479) 848-3105

At Teen Challenge we offer students hope and the chance for a new life. We encourage them to apply faith-based solutions to life's problems and we actively teach that a personal relationship with God is the primary means and source of power to change. We endeavor to help young people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.

Length of program: 12 month ave.
Approx. Cost: $1500 per month. discounts and financing options are available.
Age Eligibility: boys ages 14-17

Eagleton School
446 Monterey Road
Great Barrington, MA 01230
phone: (413) 528-4385

Eagleton School is a private year-round residential psycho-educational treatment facility for boys and young men with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive Development Disorder, Communication and Cognitive Delays, Behavior Disorders, Emotional Disorders, and Learning Disabilities. Through a team approach we share a commitment to helping each student discover his self-worth through trust and acceptance of himself and his peers while taking advantage of all the opportunities that surround him.

Length of program: year-round
Age Eligibility: 9 to 22